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SBTRKT Drops ‘Live’


SBTRKT, the musical project led by Aaron Jerome has released his first album of live material simply entitled, ‘Live’. The album was recorded during his show at London’s Sherpherd’s Bush Empire and features Sampha and Heritage Orchestra. It’s available exclusively on iTunes now.Tracklisting1. Surely (feat. Heritage Orchestra) 3.19 2. Never Never (feat. Sampha & Heritage Orchestra) 3.59 3. Heatwave (feat. Sampha) 4.58 4. Hold On / Migration (feat. Sampha) 8.17 5. Go Bang (feat. Heritage Orchestra) 3.17 6. Trials Of The Past (feat. Sampha & Heritage Orchestra) 5.36 7. Sanctuary 3.21 8. Evening Glow (feat. Sampha) 3.26 9. Wildfire 6.25 10. Right Thing To Do (feat. Sampha) 8.32

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