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Ronnie Spiteri on how to get a Record Labels Attention



In the Big Question today Grahame Farmer ask Ronnie Spiteri ‘How to get a Record Labels Attention?’

Ronnie Spiteri was brought up immersed in house music; you could say it’s in his veins! His father is a veteran promoter from the South Coast of England who used to put on illegal Rave’s up and down the country in the early 90’s, many a time with a young Ronnie in tow. By the age of 11 Ronnie had spun his first record on his Dad’s set of Technics, he played & recorded his first DJ set at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 had secured his first DJ residency at the local club night.

In this video, Ronnie Spiteri chats about how to get a record labels attention and how to get labels to take you seriously.

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