Richie Hawtin to Play With Deadmau5 at SXSW!



Perhaps surprisingly Canadian electronic stars Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5 have revealed they will perform together at this year’s South By South West (SXSW) festival with a special “versus” set at the SXSW interactive closing party.

The reason we say surprisingly is as Deadmau5 has been less than complimentary about the art of DJing in interviews of late although even for an EDM superstar such as himself it’d be hard not to be impresses with the phantasmagoria of Hawtin’s Plastikman show, the depth and quality of his back catalogue and his upcoming new live project Enter. However it would appear the admiration is mutual with Richie announcing his respect for his fellow Canadian’s work on several occasions and rumors are abound of ‘stripped back’ techno set especially for the event.

We’d imagine that the mousehead wearing one will be keeping proceedings fairly minimal whilst the M_nus boss will unleash the hard edged techno for which he’s built his career on but with such a different set of artists who are known to experiment both visually and musically who knows what will go off March 12th. We can’t wait to find out though! 

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