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Renegade Masters: Drumsound & Bassline Smith


Everywhere from underground raves to daytime radio to festival main stages, Drumsound & Bassline Smith have made their presence felt. But of course they have. After all, their combination of musical authenticity, dancefloor energy and precision-tooled studio science have kept them amidst the top tier for decades. Able to seamlessly reference and pay homage to the old skool in the most cutting-edge Drum & Bass music, no wonder every new release from the Technique Recordings bosses comes laden with anticipation. With 2021 seeing a volley of releases across multiple labels, Drumsound & Bassline Smith are still finding new levels to hit.

No surprise that demand has seen the guys independently tour all corners of the globe setting the standard across America online, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Poland, Switzerland, Uruguay, Norway and Italy. Further to this, they’ve represented at UK parties Fabric Live, Tranz-mission, Detonate, Slamming Vinyl, One Nation and Movement.

From the music industry’s finest tastemakers, to the die-hard junglists populating clubs and festivals each weekend, one thing rings out loud and clear; no one can get enough of Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s floor-burning sound.

We’re absolutely delighted to be sharing a brand new mix from Drumsound & Bassline Smith to support the release of their track ‘Sanctuary 93’ from the legendary Innerground Recordings 100th release…’Innerground 100′ LP! This is obviously part of our Renegade Masters series as they are undisputed heavyweights in the Drum & Bass scene.

Check out the mix below and make sure you grab a copy of ‘Innerground 100’ from the button beneath the Soundcloud player! Don’t forget, our boss man Grahame Farmer will be joined LIVE on Twitch by DJ Marky this Wednesday (15th December). The stream starts at 1pm (GMT) and Marky will be joining from 2pm. Go to www.twitch.com/grahamefarmer and join the chat fun!


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