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Renato Cohen release ‘Freno’ on Future Disco


Renato Cohen is a Techno/House  DJ and producer from Brazil

He was the first Brazilian artist to score a worldwide hit in electronic music. In 2002, with a consolidated career as a local DJ and producer in Brazil, his song Pontapé broke out globally when launched by Dj Carl Cox’s label Intec, boosting his worldwide career. Re-launched in 2014 by the techno label Drumcode.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Renato began his career in 1996 performing live at the Hells Club. He quickly became known for his Live PA, bringing the entire studio to the stage. This was in a time, when there were no laptops.

Developing his own style, a mix between Techno, House and Disco that allowed his music to work from festivals like Dekmantel and Rock in Rio to Techno clubs like Berghain, Womb or underground São Paulo parties in São Paulo like Capslock. Lately, Renato has been working on his new label;  Massa Records, aimed at launching Brazilian fresh talents and some remixes by international artists.

Today, he releases a delightful disco number ‘Freno’ via Future Disco which we premiere for you.


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