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Music Production Hardware to use as a beginner with Steve Mac (These Machines)



Music Production Hardware to use as a beginner producer with Steve Mac (These Machines), we asked Steve to pick his go to pieces of hardware to start with as a beginner producer.

Grahame Farmer sat down with Steve Mac to discuss which music production hardware including speakers, synths, soundcards to use as a producer who is looking to move from just working on a laptop to make music. Steve Mac has over 25 years experience of making electronic music, as part of Rhythm Masters he made some massive hits. His new project ‘These Machines’ is made in a basement music-making studio in the south of England sit a bunch of machines. A Moog System 15, a Juno 106, classic Roland TR-808, TB-303 and TR-909s, an Emu SP1200, a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Akai MPC, a Mini-Moog… these machines have been some of the foundation hardware for electronic music over the years.

This year These Machines released the killer track ‘Martina’ which was support by everyone in house music including Carl Cox.