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Modeselektor announces Modeselektion Vol. 04



Ninja Tune have partnered with Monkeytown Records to bring out ‘Modeselektion Vol. 04’

Modeselektor’s aptly named “Modeselektion” compilation series hits volume 4 on 1st June, bringing together an utterly enthralling and 100% exclusive collection of 17 free-thinking and boundary-pushing tracks from exciting upstarts such as Skee Mask, rRoxymore, Sarah Farina, Peder Mannerfelt, Vatican Shadow and Modeselektor themselves who present their first new track since 2015.

They said about compilation  “The choice of tracks is influenced by our thirst for effective dance music. After almost four years of touring with Moderat, we really felt the urge to dedicate ourselves again to what made us”.

Listen to ‘Modeselektion Vol. 04’ EP here:

1. Brainwaltzera – ‘Vodiga’
2. Actress – ‘Watercolour Challenge’
3. Claude Speeed – ‘A Different Point Of View’
4. Lone – ‘Smoke Signals’
5. Kasper Marott – ‘Metaxas Carnival (Tandoori’s Voodoo Mixx)’
6. rRoxymore – ‘Cosmopolitanism’
7. Rødhåd – ‘Blacksmith’
8. Peder Mannerfelt – ‘Sectional Healing’
9. Radio Slave – ‘Introduction’
10. Vatican Shadow – ‘Desert Father (Modeselektor Edit)’
11. Modeselektor – ‘Kalif Storch’
12. Lory D – ‘ob.bx-n’
13. FJAAK – ‘Matte’
14. Solid Blake – ‘Masha’
15. Skee Mask – ‘Lil DB Tool’
16. Sarah Farina & Yo van Lenz – ‘Peace Dub’
17. Fadi Mohem – ‘Endless’