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Mike McFly releases his ‘Wrap Party’ EP


House Of Hustle’s first release of 2020 comes from a long-time friend of the label, Mike McFly, who we have seen go from strength to strength, signing music with some of the biggest labels in the scene. They’ve been following Mike’s journey over the past couple of years and he has been able to keep his productions in a constant state of evolution, something that is not always that easy to do.

The ‘Wrap Party’ EP showcases his amazing ability to create what we like to refer to as the ‘cave rave’ vibe, think Flintstones meets Wu-Tang Clans’ Gravel Pit, basically swaggy beats and dirty bass grooves sprinkled with some magic. We premiere the lead track ‘Wrap Party’ for you today, which you can hear below.

Now, before you press play, make sure the volume is where it needs to be and that your kids are out of reach of the sonic filth you are about to get exposed to.

Check out ‘Wrap Party’ below and grab a copy here.


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