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Lee Foss preps ‘Alchemy’


Lee Foss has taken the lead on sister label Emerald City with this own ‘Alchemy’ due to come out on April 7th.

Lee’s album goes from dance floor to commercial dance and features eleven tracks with collaborations with Lee Curtiss, Infinity Ink, Anabel England, Ali Love, Josh Taylor, Alex Mills and others. Rest assured, Foss has pulled long nights for many years making Alchemy the stuff of golden dreams. Lead single “Deep Congo” is nearly six perfect minutes that combine the freakiness of funk, the glitchy strangeness of techno, and hand-clappin’ disco fever. It’s an awesome first taste of what’s to come.

“I titled the album Alchemy because I’ve long been fascinated by the scientific and spiritual dichotomy it represented,” Foss says, “sort of as the crossroads of modern science and ancient spirituality, and its ethos of distilling perfection in the physical and spiritual realm. It’s dismissed as pseudoscience now, but most of modern chemistry and the scientific method stems from it, and I’m interested in a world that better combines the spiritual realm with the scientific and western medicine we worship today. I feel like making music is the modern alchemy as we search for that perfect series of tones to reach our magnum opus.”

Lee Foss – Deep Congo
Lee Foss – Haunted (ft. Alex Mills)
Lee Foss & Lee Curtiss – Living In The City (ft. Spencer Nezey + Alex Nazar)
Lee Foss & Infinity Ink – Till The Light
Lee Foss – Blue Is The Distance (ft. Ali Love & Anabel Englund)
Lee Foss – The Gift (ft. Camile Safiya)
Lee Foss – Transit Of Venus
Lee Foss – Alchemy (ft. Camile Safiya)
Lee Foss – Green Light (ft. Anjulie)
Lee Foss – Laserdance
Lee Foss – Play With Fire (ft. Josh Taylor)
Lee Foss – Lake Shore Drive


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