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Kerri Chandler Questions VMA’s



As the fall out continues from several of the performances at last nights MTV video music awards (particularly from Miley Cyrus) the question has again be raised about the boundaries that mainstream music is willing to cross to sell its content particularly to the young and impressionable. One such critic was house legend and Madtech Records boss Kerri Chandler who compared the murky world of pop music to the underground house scene in which the importance of talent remains paramount and makes some very salient points on his facebook page as to why we should care about what output is thrust into the spotlight and the sad demise of R and B.

Checkout out Kerri’s feelings on the matter below

“I just saw some MTV vma clips, wow I am so happy and spoiled rotten with all the amazing talented house singers I get to work with and enjoy hearing day after day! I’m not against anyone else’s thing, but I’m so happy not to be no where around that style of music, its really kind of scary, I thought I was looking at soft porn or something, I’m starting to realize tv in the states has become just one big how can we shock people in to watching the train wreck, thank GOD we have our music! I wasn’t going to say anything but then I thought, children are watching that and trying to imitate this glorified ignorance. What are your thoughts, on this? It really made me wonder where all the talented r and b singers in the world are hiding, and who’s suppressing it?”

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