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Kendl – For Her


Float into the weekend with new sounds from Kendl, the immensely talented Aussie up-and-comer. Aside from being an avid lover of good whiskey, snowboarding, and the outdoors, Kendl loves creating emotive music. His inspiration stems from artists such as Bonobo, Four Tet, Nicholas Jar, and Jamie xx, some of the greatest names in moody, melodic electronic music.

His studio is filled with plants to breathe more life into the atmosphere, inspiring a style of music that reflects his appreciation for nature through organic sampling and production. All of that organic, ethereal life is felt through Kendl’s newest production “For Her”, an enchanting down-tempo melody that will make your emotions soar. A noticed “Walking with Elephants” sample intertwined with an airy sonant that sail adrift a calming wave of heavenly melody. Something to really melt into.

“For Her” is one of four tracks on Kendl’s forthcoming EP “Colours”, out this summer.





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