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James Ruskin & Mark Broom bring back The Fear Ratio


The Fear Ratio
. No it’s not another awful reality TV show, but a front for the combined musical minds off James Ruskin (pictured) and Mark Broom, and as of May 25th it’ll be well and truly back tickling our ear drums.

First launching in 2011 with two EPs and the Light Box LP for Ruskin’s label, Blueprint, The Fear Ratio are set to drop a limited edition, 3-track EP of “tough techno mutations” for new Skam imprint, Kasm, any day now. Then at the end of May, the duo will release their second LP, Refuge Of A Twisted Soul, through Skam itself. Check out the tracklists for both releases below.

01. FRT3
02. 201222
03. Arel

Refuge Of A Twisted Soul
01. Blood Soldiers
02. Sect
03. Hopper
04. Cam
05. 7 Cycles
06. Blackboard Jungle
07. Ferm
08. GBA
09. Era
10. T15


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