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Husky drops ‘Only One Way’ on Bobbin’ Head


Husky drops ‘Only One Way’ on Bobbin’ Head this August.

Husky has bound his DJ abilities with relentless production skills just perfectly, also teaming up with old music mate Yogi on collaborative projects Random Soul and Random Soul Recordings. This year he has released a plethora of tracks within the house music family on the likes of SLK and Motive and a bunch on his own projects Random Soul and Bobbin Head.

‘Only One Way’ is an impressively produced choral number, uniquely remixed by Michael Gray and Simon Field. The three tracks are bangers and the two remixes seek to utilize and accentuate different elements in the track in their own right. Our premiere comes from Michael Gray. Michael’s remix screams disco-funk, complete with slapping bass, open hats and keys melody to boot.

A brilliant upcoming release and we can’t wait to watch it explode when it comes out in August!

Check out the Michael Gray remix below and grab it from Traxsource.


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