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George Marshman is next up for The Jacky & Friends label


The Jacky & Friends label continues to make its mark with a superb sixth release, this time from Nottingham based talent George Marshman

This tech-house troubadour is well known in the Midlands and is now making his wider mark with DJ sets that capture a nostalgic vibe while always looking forward. With music recently released on Solid. Grooves sister label, Solid. Grooves Raw. His sound captures a nostalgic sound combining 90’s and early 2000’s house and techno. His synth-laden, heavy grooves are perfect for this no-nonsense label, and across three expertly designed cuts here he makes another fantastic impression.

Our premiere is the opener ‘Blaze’ which is a real synapse-firing jam to melt minds with its wild synths, rising tension and explosive drum lines all primed to blow up the club.

Check out ‘Blaze’ below and grab a copy here.