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GAWP debuts on Box Of Cats with ‘Eye Control’ EP


Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a BAKED BEAN?? NO. It’s the sweaty scalp of a man we call GAWP!

Hailing from the UK, the mad-man GAWP has cooked up a trio of the finest open canned audio for your pleasure. Interweaving the nuances of Tech, Bass and who knows what style of the house, this ‘Eye Control’ EP has it all. The guy really can do anything.

GAWP is not afraid to take a risk. He has made is his mark on the scene with a new sound and name by jumping straight in at the deep end with a string of profile shows and critically acclaimed debut tracks. Aiming for premium quality with every release, his initial productions quickly gained support from a huge spectrum of established artists

The lead track ‘Brassic’ is our premiere today. It’s a driving bass-heavy cut with enough resonance to call for a small flock of birds. The FX in this record show the patience GAWP has for crafting the perfect mix. A strong ‘Work’ vocal finds itself placed throughout the track while creepy percussions move in and out of time. Perfectly we might add.

The B-sides ‘Hokus’ and ‘Redlight’ showcase GAWP’s capabilities of creating tracks fit for any dancefloor. ‘Hokus’ is a dark techno cut while ‘Redlight’ has a touch more glitchy chunk to it.

Check out ‘Brassic’ below and grab it here.


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