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Friction Launches New Label, Elevate Audio


Drum & bass veteran Friction has announced the launch of new a label called Elevate Audio, focussing on “straight up, uncompromising, dance floor D&B.”

The imprint has risen out of a desire for the Shogun Audio boss to release more “hi-energy” tracks, that don’t naturally fit alongside the output of his main label or that of SGN:LTD.

Kicking things off himself, Friction has cooked up the four-track Dare EP, featuring a collaboration with Fourward. The title-track, ‘Dare (Hold It Down)’ is actually a reworking of the Gorillaz track of the same name. Originally conceived around a year ago as a bootleg version for his DJ sets, Friction decided to make the track official and ended up with Roses Gabor (aka the voice of band member Noodle) re-singing the lyrics for his version.

The full Dare EP is out April 15th. Support on Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/dare-hold-it-down/1734635
Get ‘Dare (Hold It Down)’ instantly when you pre-order on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/dare-ep/id1094331385?app=itunes

01. Dare (Hold It Down)
02.  Connected
03. Hyperion (ft. Fourward)
04. Find Our Way



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