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Exclusive Premiere: Starkillers vs Inpetto – Gameover



They say two heads are better than one and in this case it was more a matter of three heads with German duo Inpetto teaming up with Starkillers for new record ‘Game Over’  set to be released on 20th December via Dutch giants Spinnin’ Records.

The collaboration with Inpetto marks the latest in a series of upcoming releases from Starkillers, the house DJ known for his tough-edged electric sound. This, coupled with Inpetto’s creative balance of power and beautiful melodies see ‘Game Over’ stand out as a cutting edge piece of dance music; from it’s a hard hitting drum beat to energetic synth lines ‘Game Over’ refuses to follow a script, breaking down at the 30- second mark, with proceedings then taking a more contemplative turn before again exploding into the high octane, dance charged sound that the opening bars foreshadow and we’ve come to know and love from Starkillers.

Check it out below!

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