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Phil Fuldner

Ever heard the old adage mother knows best? Well in many cases it’s true and despite our dear old Mum’s total inability to keep up with many aspects of technology, she’s still one of our first ports of call when we need advice. When it comes to tech house however she’s less than useless (she’s more of a drum and bass head), so we call on Nhan Solos Kreuzberg based imprint Mother Recordings to give us the lowdown on what’s going on in the scene.

Having introduced us to some of our favourite artists in recent years, Mother then decided to launch a sampler series compiling the fresh works from the label’s family and friends  so they can share their passion and camaraderie with the world.

Launched out of a love “for the party people whose hearts beat to the sound of the drum” the Berlin based outfit have now prepped a second various artist EP for our listening delights this Christmas, welcoming Phil Fuldner, Claus Casper, Jean Philips, Lars Moston, Juliet Sikora and Nolan & Forrest into the fold for a special collaborative record.

Set to arrive December 14th, you can stream the sampler’s opening cut from Phil Fuldner below.



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