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Debut Transmission: Lossy – Smithfield Market 4am



For all those that have stumbled through Smithfield Market at 4am looking for the after party, this is for you today.

Having previously released with Tru Thoughts and Tessier Ashpool, Lossy aka Sam Sharp follows up his imprint debut ‘River Solos EP’ with a varied collection of intricately layered grooves, mixing up analogue synths, found sounds, circuit bending, sequenced effects and real acoustic instruments to create a set of soundtrackstyle bass tracks.

Utilising a phone recorded sample of his dishwasher to form the basis of the introduction to ‘Smithfield Market 4am’, the number then proceeds to haunt listeners with a spooky piano/synth bell fusion leading to a cinematic bass groove and polysynth breakdown representing the nightlife of this bustling London area.

‘Tokyo Arcade’ completes the EP with electro leanings, arpeggiated passages, choirs and gated analogue rhythms, transporting the listener to scene of contemporary yet classic drama.

The Chase Scenes EP is the second release for composer and producer Lossy on his label Boot Cycle Audio. Stream the record’s lead cut below.