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Debut Transmission: B – Ambush



As long time readers of Data Transmission can testify, we love ourselves some GOOSE. Yes, having been fans of the Belgium outfit for some time, we were particularly excited to receive word of band member Bert Liberty’s new solo endeavours. Set to be known as B – Bert clearly wants to let the music do the talking – the live techno project sees the the Belgian hook up with four machines to bring “the rawness and spontaneity of live music back to clubs.”

Armed with two synths and two drum machines, the end result is uncompromising mix of hard edged EBM and Old School Techno that still sounds as exciting today as when it kicked off a musical revolution in the 1980s. His first EP – the appropriately titled ‘Ambush’ – arrives via Lektroluv and wastes no time in setting out its stall. Offering up a taste of what’s to come we’ve nabbed the release’s title track for your listening delights.

Not for the feint of heart, expect to hear Ambush’s jackhammer beats and aggressive synth riffs ripping the roof of a club near you soon.


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