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David Marston drops ‘Too Late To Cry’


Eyedyllic Music’s sixth release is a family affair, many years in the making.

Our premiere, “Too Late To Cry”​ was originally produced and released by the Jamaica export, David Marston​. The song was one of his earliest commercial outings and appeared on a compilation via Eyedyllic co-founder Kev Obrien’s former label, Stranjjur, back in 2012.

Upon meeting in person years later, long after Marston had achieved success via labels such as Soul Clap and Wolf+Lamb. It was decided that the song deserved a more special showcasing, and Eyedyllic embarked on putting this release together.

They reached out to ​No Regular Play​, who gladly accepted to collaborate on a revision of the song. Using David’s original musical parts as their basis, the fellas crafted a massive new version of ‘Too Late To Cry’. They added an ever-evolving acidic bass line, as well as a hair-raising freestyle trumpet riff, played by Greg Paulus.


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