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Debut Transmission: David Marston & Anna Spackman – Sun


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After a week of enjoying the sunshine in Miami, we are back in good ol’ Blighty with a killer case of jetlag and the mother of all post party headaches. Help is at hand however, with David Martson serving up the most appropriate of Debut Transmissons to ease us back into the working week.

For his latest release the Jamaican producer returns to Soul Clap Records – his second outing on the American imprint – offering up four new musings on the ‘Kindness Of The Bearer’ EP. Named “in honour of an endearing custom of friendly exchange, the record introduces listeners to a number of collaborations between David and his friends and serves as an intimate portrait of his musical undertakings during the past few months.

Originally written by Anna Spackman as an acoustic folk song, ‘Sun’ sees Martson at his vibrant best, fusing a variety of flavours to concoct his own potent sonic remedy. Stream it below.


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