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Dark Sky announces new album ‘Othona’ on Monkeytown


Dark Sky have announced their second album ‘Othona’ forth coming  on Monkeytown Records.

With releases on Black Acre, 50WEAPONS, Tectonic and Mister Saturday Night, Dark Sky have numerously proved their versatility.  This album cements them as an integral part of the Monkeytown family as well as innovators in their own right. Across nine tracks the London duo of Matt Benyayer and Tom Edwards manage to reinvent themselves once more by merging contemporary techno, classic electronica and their roots in British bass music into a touching and thrilling whole.

“Its early pioneers created a movement that sought to pursue reconciliation and understanding between people of different faiths, cultures and nationalities”, Matt and Tom explain. “This notion of harmony between individuals really inspired us”.

01 – Othona
02 – Domes
03 – Cyan
04 – Found & Lost
05 – Angels
06 – Badd
07 – JJJ
08 – The Walker
09 – Field Tower

The album is preceded by the single ‘Kilter’ / ‘Acacia’ on 17 March.


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