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Crossbow releases ‘Meridian’ on NUDE


Crossbow comes from an extremely musical background as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her interest in music developed at a young age and has evolved over her life into a deep passion for dance music.

Her love for moody, yet playful techno, allows her to carry her listeners into a moment of deep focus & empowerment. Driving kick drums, jumpy bass-lines, metallic synths and a feel for something darker is what drives her. All carefully woven together to transport you to the foggy underground clubs of Berlin and back to some warehouse in Brooklyn.

Those eagled-eye Data Transmission readers will have noticed we have been moving our Techno music on to a new SoundCloud called NUDE. After her debut release with us back in January with ‘Rhythm’. Crossbow is back with ‘Meridian’ this time, again as a Free Download.

Listen to ‘Meridian’ below and download it for Free from here.


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