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Credit 00 announces his debut album “Game Over”



Alexander Dorn a.k.a. Credit 00 delivers his debut album “Game Over”, coming on Uncanny Valley.

After four EPs for label, the Leipzig based musician is now ready to let loose his electronic visions on full length. Obsessed with sound, he can’t stop pushing the buttons of his synthesizers and drum machines like someone torturing the controls of an Arcade machine. “Game Over” is an electronic love letter to the romantic fantasy worlds of classic video games and their bleepy and clonky sounds which used to be common also in repetitive electronic dance music.

With influences including Hip Hop,Techno, Electro Boogie, New Beat, Italo, Jungle, Reggae, House or Chill Out. It’s a bit of a miracle that it feels so flawless for what happens between the appetising “Level One” and the final track “The Last March”.

Check out a sample track below.


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