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Coyu to release debut LP ‘You Don’t Know’ on his Suara Records


Influential Spanish artist Coyu is stepping out on his own Suara label with a long-overdue debut album entitled ‘You Don’t Know’

Due for release this September 23rd, the 16 track affair showcases his broad range and takes in collaborators like Moby, Lazarusman, The Horrorist, Thomas Gandey and many more. The album will be followed later in the year by a second record with extra tunes that were made as part of the same sessions but didn’t quite fit on ‘You Don’t Know’. 

Says the artist himself, “The album is named You Don’t Know because many people have a preconceived idea of who I am. Until now, maybe I wasn’t smart enough to show them my roots, what I love and what I can offer to the music. I’m not just a DJ or a producer who can play or make grooves – I love many different genres and many different kinds of music. With this album, I want to change that preconception.”

This album is going to shatter all conceptions about Coyu, as you will see with the track he’s released first below.

Tracklist (in order):
1) You Don’t Know (Intro) feat Lazarusman
2) The Three Chimney feat. The Black 80s
3) Out Of The Pain
4) We All Try feat Mike Leary
5) Fear Is Gonna Be A Player In Your Life
6) 1+1 (Album Mix) feat Thomas Gandey
7) Wanna Do Right, Wanna Do Wrong
8) Coyu & Moby – I May Be Dead, But One Day The World Will Be Beautiful Again
9) Waking Up From Anxious Dreams (Metamorphosis)
10) Dia Uno (The Beginning Of A New Era)
11) La Coherencia De No Ser Coherente
12) Happiness? Go Ahead
13) Volare
14) My First Pill feat. The Horrorist
15) Unite feat Gabriella Vergilov
16) Insania