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Claptone Unmasked!



From the first few successful releases by mysterious artist Claptone many people have wondered just who is behind the elusive production moniker with detective playing music fans casting wild aspersions as to the real identity belongs to. Yes from Aphex Twin to Fatboy Slim all sorts of weird and wonderful guesses have been made as to who is behind the guise with his biography cryptically describing him thus:

“In a now long forgotten world, many generations ago, a bird like shape emerged from wooded dark- ness, floating and fluttering, drifting and dreaming. Backlit by a bright glow of iridescent light, the undecipherable form wore a dazzling golden mask. Its long beak swooped down like an inverted horn and since then, people have referred to the mythical being simply as Claptone.”

Now whether or not that was a true account remained open to debate… Until now, as we can finally reveal the identity of the the avian-mask wearing maestro as none other than Hollywood A-lister and potential James Bond, Idris Elba!

The news will come as little surprise to many within the industry (we’ve been aware of Idris’ underground house loving alter ego after ‘both’ acts played the same bill for Ibiza Rocks alongside Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez and 2Many DJs last summer) with Mr. Elba’s dexterity on the wheels of steel already well known within the electronic music world, having delivered performances at the likes of EDC and Creamfields but can now finally be revealed following a since taken down tweet from the man himself.


Having recently delivered yet another storming mix for us at Data Transmission ahead of his last appearance in London you can check out Idris/Claptone’s selections below.


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