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Charles D (USA) & J Swink team up on ‘Higher Power’ EP


Washington D.C. Techno maestro J Swink teams with NYC based producer Charles D for his debut release on underground dance music imprint Dense Audio. 

The A-Side ‘Higher Power’ beckons with a thick and booming kick drum taking precedent whilst the softer percussive elements flutter around the sides building the atmospheric and industrial layers.

Our focus for our premiere is the B-Side which opens with side changed dominance, alien-like elements and War Of The World-esque gritty synths provide the bedrock of drama. Enter the ‘trancey’ stabs and echoey vocal stabs that slice through the beat intermittently, with a break down opening up the sonic sphere in the simplest of ways in the midsection.

Just the 2 tracks needed on this occasion to round off a supreme debut release for J Swink & Charles D on Maksim Dark’s Dense Audio.

Check it out below and grab a copy here!

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