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J Swink releases his ‘Resuscitation’ EP



Following his chart-topping debut EP, ‘Autonomic’ on San Francisco based label Fierce Animal Recordings, J Swink links up with the imprint once again to drop his second summer installment, a three-tracker EP that is pitted straight for the late hours of the dancefloor, ‘Resuscitation’.

Opening up with our debut transmission, ‘Epi’, the American lays down a straight edged techno weapon, interlaying a twisted ride of claps, sirens, and chimes against a menacing drum sequence.

Elsewhere on the EP,  ‘Norepi’, J Swink highlights a new dimension to his immersive range of weighty productions. Here, he slides back the tempo and juxtaposes a range of sub-heavy basslines against a truly ominous assortment of brass-like attacks. Rounding off the EP with ‘Dopa’, he places the emphasis on his warm filtering range, laying down a rolling bassline that effortlessly purs and intensifies into a progressive ensemble of burning synth lines and menacing percussive outbreaks.

Check out Epi below and grab it from Beatport http://bit.ly/2utBuxp

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