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Beatport unveil new iOS App for subscribers


Beatport, the worldwide leader of electronic music for DJs, producers, and their fans, this week unveiled an interactive new iOS mobile app for subscribers of the company’s LINK integrated streaming product. Launched in 2019, Beatport LINK empowers DJs to effortlessly manage large online libraries of music and integrate their playlist libraries with leading DJ software and hardware. The new mobile app, which is available NOW in the Apple AppStore store here, provides accessibility on the go, and promises to further empower DJs’ creative workflow and integrate seamlessly into their performance environment. 

“Over the last two years, we have been relentless in our mission to develop products that empower our customers. Beatport LINK is the centrepiece of our strategy to give our customers the ability to stream the richest collection of electronic music available anywhere. This new mobile app is an important extension of the LINK platform, giving DJs the ability to discover new music, assemble and perfect performance-ready setlists and transition them directly into their native environments. It’s a hugely powerful tool that our customers have been asking for and one which we think they are going to love.” – Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels

The release of the mobile app largely completes the LINK ecosystem, which has seen several DJ software integrations and the launch of an innovative Beatport DJ web app during the first few months of 2021. With a single subscription to LINK, customers can now access all of these tools to significantly improve their workflow and experiment with mixing songs. The mobile app is built using the same LINK technology that powers Beatport DJ and all the integrations with Pioneer DJ, Traktor PRO, Serato DJ, Denon DJ and several other leading providers. This initial version of the Beatport mobile app focuses on DJ productivity features such as playlist creation, playlist management, and mobile-friendly digging. An Android version of the app will be released later this year, along with additional features for the iOS version

“Beatport has always stood at the intersection of creativity and performance, and nothing epitomizes our future direction as this new mobile app, the crown jewel in our LINK ecosystem. We felt at this moment in our history, it was important to reflect our position as an innovation leader in our space with a refreshed brand identity. Working with Kurppa Hosk on the initial design, our in-house design teams brought the new logo to life.” – Jonas Tempel, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Beatport

Beatport’s mobile app is the first product to feature the company’s new brand identity and logo. The launch of the rebrand signifies Beatport’s position as a company building innovative, world-class services for the global DJ community. Developed in collaboration with the award-winning Swedish design firm, Kurppa Hosk, the new logo reflects Beatport’s rapid evolution as the company diversifies into new business lines and develops innovative technologies that benefit music creators and their fans. 


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