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Ammo Avenue debuts on Formatik+


When you think of Peru you think of… it’s not necessarily a buzzing electronic hotspot. But Peru, Lima is where the latest addition to the Formatik+-roster comes from.

Born in 1996 the young producer known as Ammo Avenue has evolved into a driving force within the countries local scene and has spread his bouncy sound vision over several South American countries DJ-wise whilst his productions are making the rounds and have been picked up by several underground labels and caught the attention of not only celebrating dancefloor crowds. Therefore it’s time to give Ammo Avenue his first big shot on the label which he delivers with his new single named “Another Night“.

Our premiere opens the EP. With “Another Night” one can clearly see why Ammo Avenue is a star on the rise. As the young Peruvian brings forth an exclusive mixture of dirty House beats, super seductive female vocals with a 90s touch as well as large scale drum rolls and hefty rave signals for the ultimate peak time rave excess.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.


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