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BOOST Podcast

Mike Warner chats Spotify & Playlists


Mike Warner is an independent artist, curator and the go-to person when it comes to playlist strategies on music streaming services. 

His book teaches artists at any level how to grow their audience on streaming services through profile enhancement, data analysis, automation and creating value as a curator. In his book, Mike sets the record straight what playlists really can do for artists’ careers. 

You will learn how to customize your artist profiles on popular streaming services; build a playlist and grow it’s following; pitch to independent curators; grow your network; release music catered to playlists. The book also has numerous helpful tips and tricks to show you along the way.

Today, he joins me on the BOOST Podcast to chat about Playlists, Spotify and a whole host of other stuff. You can grab ‘Work Hard Playlist Hard’ from https://workhardplaylisthard.com/

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