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Acre Details Debut Album, ‘Better Strangers’



Manchester producer Acre has explained the motivations behind his debut album, Better Strangers, set for release November 13th via Bristolian outpost Tectonic.

A pioneer of the bass-heavy style championed by the likes of Elmono, Batu, Ipman and Pinch, Acre has been steadily growing an audience the last few years, with notable releases on the likes on Visionist’s Lost Codes, Project 13 MCR and Cold Recordings.

Offering up 12 new tracks, the album is reportedly takes inspiration from a wide array of genres with rave, jungle, grime, techno, ambient and drone all cited as having an influence on the end product as he sought to “explore a wider variety of textures”.

“I tried to include more emotion in this album than my previous releases and wanted to represent a broader side of my productions,” Acre says. “The title Better Strangers comes from the feeling that some people make better strangers than friends (or better off being strangers) in your life, and the album is about recognizing that.”

You can listen to album cut ‘Love’ below.


01. Love
02. Jouska
03. Always Crashing
04. Dek U
05. Spiral
06. Automatic Fire
07. Don’t Talk
08. Holding Hands
09. Ophelia
10. Tarantula
11. Ruby Tiers
12. Better Strangers


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