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Malaney Blaze aka Daniel Neal is 27 years old and currently resides in Nottingham.

Coming from creative parents and being around music his whole life, he started his musical endeavours in his teens, learning the drums and joining a Ska band with school friends.

Shortly after he branched out into classic hip hop and started collecting vinyl. When he eventually got his decks he started practicing turntable-ism and quickly picked up mixing and beat matching skills. It wasn’t long before he turned his attention to electronic music, in particular, Drum & Bass.

You can always expect a bass heavy set from Malaney Blaze and he is comfortable using 4 decks to keep the crowd dancing and guessing. He is also not afraid to dabble with his other influential genres (Reggae/Breaks/Hip Hop/Garage/UKG/Dubstep), so don’t be surprised if the tempo gets changed up a few times throughout his performances.

Having played at clubs in his local area and supporting international acts such as AMC, Jubei, Congo Natty, Top Cat, SASASAS and Jayline he has had already made quite a name for himself.

We expect big things from Malaney Blaze after he Won the Nozstock Festival in association with Data Transmission 2016 DJ Competition which will take him to play at the festival this weekend (22nd-24th July), you can still grab tickets from their website > http://nozstock.com/

Track list:

  1. Malaney Blaze – Intro
  2. Tim Ryan All Stars – Liquidator
  3. The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazin’
  4. Indiekai – Cliche
  5. M.C & Six Blade – Rock ’n’ Ride
  6. Sizzla & Errol Dunkley – Champion Sound (Dub Phizix Remix)
  7. Muzzy – Play ft. UK:ID
  8. Sub Killaz – Gangsta
  9. Margaman – Rough
  10. TC & Jakes – Rep (S.P.Y Remix)
  11. Optiv & BTK – Malfunction (State of Mind Remix)
  12. Potential Badboy ft. Demolition Man & Show Stephens – Revolution (Tyke remix)
  13. Simula – Truth Serum
  14. Sam Binga ft. Rider Shafique – Mind & Spirit (Breakage Remix)
  15. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Until The World Ends (Mind Vortex Remix)
  16. Spor ft. Icicle & Linguistics – Mind of an Insomniac
  17. Sub Zero & Dub Motion – Oh Girl
  18. After 6 & Ryan Blyth – Trust Me (Frankee Remix)
  19. Bad Company UK – Planet Dust
  20. Document One – Run The Block
  21. Facing Jinx ft. Alexsia Louca – Now You’re Gone (Break Remix)
  22. Icicle ft. SP:MC – Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)
  23. Spectrem – Shaolin
  24. Gentleman’s Dub Club – High Grade
  25. Rebound X – Rhythm ’N’ Gash
  26. Black Twang – So Rotten
  27. Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)
  28. O.P. – Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)
  29. Born Jamericans – Boom Shak a-Tack
  30. Break – Unification
  31. Alpha – Frozen Black (Upgrade Remix)
  32. Tantrum Desire – Anarchist ft. Rhymestar
  33. Dominator & Nu Elementz – Spartanz
  34. Dossa & Locuzzed – Electric Boogie
  35. Lexx & Numa Crew – Kill The Whole A  Dem (Upgrade Remix)
  36. / Northern Zone – Soul Is Still The Same
  37. Filthy Habits – 100th Victim
  38. Toronto Is Broken – No Gyal Tune
  39. Stranger – The World Is Burning
  40. Drifta ft. David Boomah – It’s All Over
  41. Simula – Distress Signal
  42. Tantrum Desire – Airhead
  43. Numa Crew ft. Dub FX – Bass Hater (Samy Nicks Remix)
  44. Pasco – The Trick (Turno Remix)
  45. Damage Report – Head Cold
  46. Signal – Ennair
  47. The Upbeats – Def Crescent (Neonlight & Wintermute Remix)
  48. Audio – Thunder Ridge
  49. Malux – Turbine



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