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Our Must See Acts for Junction 2


Junction 2 is on the horizon, I know that myself and the rave unit are extremely excited as I imagine you are to.

To get you in the mood prior to the now 2 day festival (OMG I know!!!) is a quick run through of my “Top Ten act’s you probably shouldn’t miss but might due to clashing set times”!

I’ll break this out into Friday and Saturday, 5 each, so let’s jump right in.

Friday (in no particular order)


This Northern Irish duo have been on tour for what seem to be indefinitely, but actually has only been 2 years of headlining with their live show, which itself is amazing.

It’s hard to describe Biceps sound, crafted over years of hard work and astounding EPs, this duo leave nothing to be desired from any attendee, highly recommend taking yourself to witness how they blend techno, house and electronica into a sound that can only really be described as “Bicepy”.

If you haven’t listened to their 2017 album creatively named “Bicep” 😉 then what are you doing still reading this, go grab a listen.

Glue, Aura and Opal (both the original and four tet remix) are particular faves in my circle or if you prefer something a bit more rough and unrefined then NRG106 or The Final Trip might be more to your liking.

Ricardo Villalobos

Ricardo Villalobos + [a:rpia:r] = genius

Ricardo is a Chilean native who moved to Germany many moons ago, over the years his name has been close to or if some are to be believed, at the top of the techno game.

Currently he is named as one of the defining reasons that Romanian House music is on the rise, he has ushered through artists over the years such as Petre Intrescu, Raresh and Rhadoo, some of you probably know these as RPR or know them from a:rpia:r, which in turn has paved the way for Praslea and others to follow. Think sunwaves!

Ricardo’s minimalistic style is well known and recognised by techno fans of all walks, his sets are as legendary as his legacy and given the chance on Friday I would highly recommend you taking the time to see him.

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Danilo Plessow, hailing as a young man from Stuttgart, hence the “motor city”, is as truer DJ as they come. His love for music seems to know no bounds, the man is the very definition of crate digging.

His music has breadth and depth in equal measure, spanning the likes of soul, jazz, disco, funk, techno and house (and many others) his sets are unique, heartfelt and original covering a multitude of musical eras. In terms of production prowess his remixes are well recognised and cherished by DJs and listeners alike, adding verve to tracks that are already charismatic in their own right.

Check out his remix of Midland “What we know” and TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos “Merging”

Daniel Avery

If you have taken the time to read anything else I have written you will notice I talk a fair amount about the artistic workings of Daniel Avery…. And with good reason!

Avery is playing the warehouse on Friday, the one truly enclosed space that will host the likes of heavy hitting Dax J on the Saturday. This space, non exclusively I might add, is a space that suits Avery extremely well, his creative and often weighty sets will find a natural home here, if you like your techno slightly eclectic, artistic and dramatic then I would advise seeing him play alongside the likes of Objekt and DJ Stingray.

I need say no more about this man that I have not already said previously. Highly recommend!

Check out his 2016 Dekmantel x Boiler room set


One of multiple women on the lineup for the weekend rRoxymore has been handpicked by the right and honorable Ben UFO to join him in The Woods.
As the selection would suggest her sound is out worldly, not defined by any genre or style, she along with other members of the lineup produce amazingly diverse music, this is clearly replicated in her DJ sets, her self styled “mercy-less house music” takes influence from a wide range of creative works, the roots of which can be found in as many countries as they can genres, broken beats, flecks of acid and classic house kicks underline her DJ sound.

If you like it “out there” and undefined, rRoxymore is definitely worth a look in.

It’s hard to really choose one particular thing that would summarise her, so check these out

Saturday (in no particular order)


Since my first encounter with Vaal way back at Afterlife in London I have become somewhat of a fan girl.

An afterlife mainstay, her ominous sound can traverse many directions, playing opening sets with as much ease and depth as any night she may be headlining. Vaals DJ sets carry as much character as her productions, she is a somewhat mysterious if slightly introvert character on the scene which is conveyed prominently through both the sets and tracks.

Her use of synths and heavy reverberated techno kicks creates a hypnotic atmosphere which encapsulates the listener into Vaals world.

An immensely talented DJ capable of throwing down a techno set suited to any environment whilst maintaining her own signature upon it, Vaal is definitely an individual who is recognised and championed in industry, a Saturday must see!!!

Richie Hawtin

Honestly, I contemplate whether or not I actually need to write anything here. An individual who, for most, would sit atop this top ten should they be ranked, his influence across techno music is second to none. Richie has time and again proven himself to be a trendsetter, a definer, a living legend among the techno scene. From Plus 8 to M-Nus, from ENTER to CLOSE, Richie has long been amongst the few at the true apex of techno.

Since the early days of Plastikman, since bringing forth minimal techno in a time that techno could be deemed to have “lost its path”, since PLAYDifferently began ushering a new way of experiencing music, Richie has perhaps unintentionally been at the front and centre of the cutting edge delivering a multitude of experiences and frankly that’s what this man is about, experiences! I won’t say any more on the history or exploits of Richie. What I will say is that if you miss out, know that you have truly missed out.

Sonja Moonear (b2b Nicholas Lutz)

Sonja is a recent favourite on the scene, her stripped back sets are comparable to likes of tINI but deriving from a different place. I find it hard to really nail down what makes these minimal DJs stand out and I guess the only true defining factor would be the groove they hit, and Sonja has groove in abundance, her b2b sets with Nicholas Lutz are well known and much appreciated by the house and tech house faithful.

Deep riding basslines and percussion driven rhythm make for a spellbinding chilled journey that entrances every listener. Nothing but the groove! Check out her fabric promo set below!

Lauren Lo Sung

Lauren is an unsung hero amongst DJs, I have never been to a set of Laurens that didn’t hit the right buttons at exactly the right time. Her style is one to be desired, capable of playing across the board. Most prominent is her homegrown sound, that takes the groove of UK tech house and blends it effortlessly with Parisian house, which is a clear influencer for her.

Groovy house music is the name of the game and Lauren delivers those deep basslines via a dominant kick drum, riding minimalistic percussion throughout. It’s easy to see why she has the likes of Dyed Soundorom, Ben Rau and Subb-an all reaching her party to play.

If you are down to get groovy get at Lauren at The Stretch, good vibes only!

Dense & Pika

A long term mainstay of Drumcode, both parties and record label. Any faithful of Drumcode parties will know exactly what I mean when I say that Dense & Pika are the switching points of any event, their use of deep tribal techno can only be described as war music. Conjuring up sounds from hell this duo can take an event from an opening, stripped back techno vibe to an energetic ominous party. Their effortless control of the crowd is amazing to witness, the way they move through techno is awe-inspiring, from tribal to industrial, from acid to dub, their use of the techno genres is both intense and overwhelming which results in the crowd being engaged in ways that frankly I have never seen replicated elsewhere!

Dense & Pika are a true credit to industry and music as a whole, they make their own rules and we love it!! Check them out!

Before I sign off I think I need to make a couple of honourable mentions, Adam Beyer goes without saying but he is my personal favourite, Dax J, enough said, Ben UFO, arguably the best DJ the UK has to offer and finally Ida Engberg, one half of the techno power couple that is Beyer & Engberg.

Be safe and have a great time….. I’ll see you on the dancefloor <3

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