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As one of Amsterdam’s foremost venues, Studio 80 has long been one of Data Transmission’s favourite venues in the city. Intimate and dark; with an emphasis on its custom-build sound system we can’t think of many places we’ve enjoyed whiling away the hours whilst listening to electronic music’s finest.  Thus, we were saddened to hear that the club has been sold to new owners and that New Year’s day would see the nightspot open its doors for the very last time.

Having enjoyed a momentous year, in which the club celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary, was granted a license for extended opening hours, rebuilt the venue and put a brand new sound system into place, the sudden news of the club being sold to new owners came as a shock to many and so with the end looming we thought we’d let the club’s team talk us through their final nights. Here’s what they had to say:

Thursday, December 31st: STUDIO 80’S NEW YEARS EVE

On the 31st doors open at 23:00 and like every year the ‘12 o’clock moment’ will be celebrated with bubbles and some special extras. On the decks there is a wide variety of DJs, all known for being some of the best selectors around. In Studio 1 Rush Hour’s Interstellar Funk, Golden Pudel resident Phuong-Dan, ESP Institute’s Young Marco and Parisian Zaltan Antinote will plunge everyone straight into 2016 with house, obscure disco, wave and those weirdo records that just can not be placed into one genre. Studio 2 will be the domain of the Norwegian connoisseur Skatebård, taking all there to witness on an all night long journey infused with releases from labels like Digitalo Enterprises, Sex Tags Mania and much much more. Party-time!

Friday, January 1st: LAST CHANCE TO DANCE!

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”, a famous quote by the Eagles and eagerly used by Studio 80’s previous navigator Gert to summarise Studio 80’s vibe over the years. On Friday January 1st, ambiguous festivities will commence at 16:00, steamrolling into a 16-hour marathon – to forever close our doors at 08:00 AM the next day. For Studio 80’s last day & night it’s time to expect the unexpected and include the excluded, cause everyone with an open mind is welcome to get on down one last time.


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