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ROD Press Pic 2
Benny Rodrigues
returns to Dutch label Balans Records under his ROD alias in January, with his 4-track Balans EP.

Whilst each of the tracks have a hypnotic quality about them, it’s the bubbling acid and heady pulse of ‘Lego’ we share with you today. Mysterious and entrancing, the track offers five-and-a-half minutes of unadulterated techno.

The EP continues an impressive run by Balans, following weighty efforts by Mike Parker and Staffan Linzatti. Label boss Darko Esser is also the mind behind Wolfskuil Records – a more varied label genre-wise, where his “own taste is the red tape” – and Wolfskuil Ltd – the “more experimental” wing.

ROD’s Balans EP drops January 15th, head to the artist’s Facebook and SoundCloud pages, and the Balans Facebook to get all the latest from both parties.


A1 / 1. Float
A2 / 2. Lego
B1 / 3. 3yr
B2 / 4. Kloduba