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Waeys lands a fresh EP on Critical Music


Waeys is a name that we’ve been hearing a lot of in the past 12 months or so, and for very good reason. His release schedule is not only relentless but also the quality of his music is outstanding.

Waeys began his love affair with music at a young age with his dad being a musician. Hs dad plays jazz, upright bass, and regular bass guitar in a lot of jazz bands and big bands etc. He was taught to play bass guitar when he was around 7 years old. Because he thought it would be cool to play an instrument and the closest thing to hand was one of his dad’s basses, he just picked one and started to play.

A while later, he got to the point where he was getting better and better at it and started to take it more seriously. Having his father teach him was pivotal to his musical learning and progression. He went on to teach him music theory and sight reading. After a few years, Waeys got into the heavier side of music; rock and metal! Finding inspiration from bands like Breaking Benjamin and Rage Against The Machine, he taught himself to play rock guitar and continued this for a few years.

Lucky for all of us then that at some point, he discovered Drum & Bass and decided this was the way he wanted to go. He’s been making D&B for a number of years now, but it was in 2016 that he started to realise that, actually, he was quite good. It was then he saw plays on Spotify start to increase and the signings to bigger labels started.

“I started to feel like it got me somewhere and it got me a bit of name and money, so I concluded I could focus a bit more on this and that’s what I did”.Waeys

Now in his 3rd year studying audio design at the University of Arts in Utrecht, Waeys has spent the recent lockdown making music everyday. Something which excites us very much! He describes his sound as clean and techy but he’s not afraid to use a foghorn here and there. He’s done a lot of things in terms of style. Ranging from Dubstep to halftime to soulful liquid but ultimately it’s the tracks on the heavier side that get signed. He’s notched up releases so far on the likes of Delta9, Overview, Differential and Skankandbass.

Fast forward to today and the young man from Amsterdam has landed his biggest signing to date. Waeys makes his debut on Critical Music‘s ‘Binary’ series. Bringing with him, four lockdown gems that show why the young Dutchman’s music is becoming such hot property. From the epic intro of ‘Ephemeral’ through the scattering ‘Mist’ and the huge collaboration with Was A Be. This is hi-grade Drum & Bass with the coveted Critical Music seal of approval.

Our premiere today is ‘This Tune’ which is a dark steppy bomb. With layers and layers of sounds and atmospherics, it is guaranteed to get you moving.

‘This Tune’ will be a free download if you pre-order the EP on Critical Store or Bandcamp. Check it out below. The EP drops on 9th October, so if you want this track make sure you grab the EP from here


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