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QZB set to drop their ‘Future Forever’ LP on Critical Music


QZB, a dynamic duo in the world of electronic music, are set to make a profound statement with their eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Future Forever’. This monumental release marks the culmination of a three-year journey—a period of radical re-examination and relentless self-discovery.

In the quest to create ‘Future Forever’, QZB embarked on an introspective journey that questioned every facet of their musical practice. They dived headfirst into the creative process, dissecting, testing, and reimagining its very components. Every minute detail was fine-tuned to perfection, leading to the construction of a sonic machine that matched their exact specifications.

The road to ‘Future Forever’ was not without its challenges. QZB had to shed many layers, from outboard circuitry to inner attitudes. This transformative process was marked by sweat, tears, and countless splinters of their artistic selves. The album serves as a chronicle of these arduous struggles, with QZB wearing their hearts on their sleeves. It navigates the delicate balance between the influences that shaped them and the authentic voices that define their artistry. It trades any notion of a preordained destination for a firm grip on the present moment.

QZB’s shared passion for cinematography and design played a pivotal role in translating their creative journey into ‘Future Forever’. This infusion of new modes of production adds depth and dimension to the album. The result is a sonic landscape where every fragment is arranged like a meticulously composed wide shot, capturing the essence of the QZB signature sound. Emotions come to life through clever cuts and purposeful push-ins, creating a rich tapestry of sound.

In this album, QZB showcase their mastery of restraint, allowing their cast of collaborators to shine brightly in the spotlight while celebrating their brand of monochromatic maximalism everywhere else. And, of course, the drums hit with an intensity that leaves an indelible mark.

With 36 months of relentless recording, patching, scratching, bouncing, and re-bouncing, QZB have distilled their vision down to 44 minutes of pure, focused intent. ‘Future Forever’ is a high-tech funk odyssey that recounts the past, grasps the present, and hallucinates the future. Released by Critical Music, it features exceptional contributions from Charli Brix, T-Man, Marea and MCXL.

As ‘Future Forever’ prepares to make its mark on the electronic music landscape, listeners can expect a sonic journey that transcends boundaries, defies expectations, and reminds us that the future of music is both an exploration of the past and a manifestation of the present, forever intertwined.

Today we premiere ‘Mirage’ which features Hadley. Check it out below and grab yourself a copy of QZB’s ‘Future Forever’ LP here!

Future Forever cover

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