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Tone drops ‘Djembe / Ubuntu’ on inHabit Recordings


inHabit Recordings are proud to present Tone with his new release ‘Djembe / Ubuntu’ which is the label’s first release since Imbolc, the first day of the Celtic Spring, a day of great spiritual energy. The Cailleach of legend went out gathering her firewood, and the sheets of slate-grey cloud that day gave us hope for brighter days and weather in the weeks and months ahead. The goddess Brigid, traditionally venerated at Imbolc, many of whose attributes were subsequently vested in Saint Brigid, was strongly associated with things of higher physical dimensions – mountains, fire, hills, but also with things of a lofty intellectual nature; wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship, the ability to heal, the art of brewing, druidic knowledge and skill in warfare.

All of this is a very nice way of saying that inHabit are proud to be in a position to release music by an extremely promising young Irish producer from the People’s Republic of Cork, or the Rebel County as they’d call it, making this our SECOND full release from a Cork producer, and honestly, if a Dublin label can sign two producers from Cork then surely labels from cities with less complex relationships with Cork had best believe they can too. On to Tone Walsh anyhow, a man whose productions have from a very young age and over the years since been slowly maturing into some of the hottest properties in Cork since the Tans set fire to the place. He returns to the label with his debut solo release after dropping his track ‘Real Life’ on inHabitants VA in 2021.

‘Ubuntu’ is a lowrise, minimal groove weapon with a gargantuan bassline and enough gruesome tones and fills to stick out head and shoulders over almost anything you play it with, and the courage to deep it out and twist up a rock-solid groove that many of his peers would leave well enough alone. ‘Djembe’ follows it up with a pacier, more linear step that he proceeds to systematically attack with offbeat percussion playing call and response with all manner of guttural gurgles and groans. These are absolute rippers mate, stop reading this and cop them already.

Today we premiere ‘Djembe’ which you can check out below. The release drops on Friday 25th February, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Djembe cover

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