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Minor Forms drops ‘Immersion Method’ EP on C.I.A Records


The relatively newly created producer moniker ‘Minor Forms’ is up next on C.I.A Records with his weighty ‘Immersion Method’ EP.

Only a handful of releases into being, it’s possible you haven’t come across the producer’s work as Minor Forms yet. But also being known as one-third of production trio Arcatype, Justin Mann continues to show off with his wealth of influences and experiences here too.

His ‘Immersion Method’ EP spans a range of styles and showcases his versatility on the buttons. ‘Big Style’ brings the Jungle vibes with lush synth washes leading into a refined take on classic jungle breaks and bass.

‘Immersion’ meanwhile truly lives up to its name, immediately dropping the listener down a crevasse of bass and beats as it builds and grows into an ice cold monster of a track.

Next up ‘The Hunt’ is tech funk at its finest, taking us back to ’98 via 2021 with its big bass hook and classic rolling breaks. Our premiere today, ‘Reality’ closes out the EP with full on 21st century Techstep vibes.

The style of his music will be familiar to some listeners. However, Minor Forms is hoping to inject some fresh and exciting ideas into the Drum & Bass scene. Drawing from a wide sphere of influences within Jungle/Drum & Bass and further afield from ambient/drone, techno, jazz and beyond, Minor Forms is looking to quickly cement himself as a new name in the scene. With this release, he is surely well on his way to do that!

Get to know Minor Forms, he’s coming with the flavours!

Check out our premiere of Minor Forms ‘Reality’ below. His ‘Immersion Method’ EP dropped as a Beatport exclusive on 26th February and will be available everywhere else on 12th March, grab a copy from here


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