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Special Feature: S9


Following a promising 2020, rising D&B duo S9 continue the momentum into the new year as René LaVice welcomes their talent to his Device label for new single ‘Get It Right’. 

Making a name for themselves beyond their hometown of Luton, UK, Lewis Norton & Sami Qureshi form the duo S9. Since emerging on the scene, the pair have been regular staples on A.M.C’s Titan Records with releases like ‘Bad Trip’ and their ‘Quarters’ EP. 

Demonstrating they’re already working with some of the industry’s biggest names, S9 have gone on to release on the likes of Bassrush with their latest release ‘Collide / Together’ landing on the label before the end of last year. 

Also bubbling up on the road with their high energy sets, S9 have played Let It Roll for three consecutive years whilst they also had the privilege to support Sigma on their Back 2 Life tour before shows were brought to a halt last year. 

Now with René LaVice championing their talent, S9 join the Device family with ‘Get It Right’, that has a timely and poignant message from the duo in mind: “Get It Right represents the journey through lifeʼs ups and downs, and that sometimes rather than getting it right, itʼs doing our best that matters most.

Igniting exhilarating bass with electric synths, ‘Get It Right’ flows with crisp drum patterns and enchanting breakdowns that soar with breath-taking pace, paving the way for S9’s skyrocketing year ahead.

S9 ‘Get It Right’ is out now via Device grab it from here

To coincide with the release of ‘Get It Right’, S9 have recorded an outstanding mix for our Special Features series. Consisting of a whopping 70 tracks over the duration of 60 minutes, if you’re missing the rave as much as I am and you like high energy, quick mixing and new a mixture of old and new music in your sets then this mix is for you!

Check it out below and download it here


1) Get It Right – S9

2) The Answer (fe8t. L8uren Johnson) – Mob T8ctics

3) Se8sons fe8t. Lifford – Logistics

4) ID – S9

5) Borrowed Time VIP – Sub Focus, TC

6) Jungle Murder – Next Ch8pter

7) All Th8t J8zz (Instrument8l) – DJ Fresh

8) R8cing Green – High Contr8st

9) Good Enough – Seri8l Kill8z

10) Cyber Funkin – Serum, Volt8ge

11) Sunset Dub – Bre8k

12) Minim8l Funk (TC Remix) – J8m Thieves

13) Ninj8 Mi Ninj8 – Select8 J-M8n Aries Bl8ckout JA ft Courtney Melody

14) Funkst8tion – R8m Trilogy

15) Tombr8ider – DJ Fresh

16) Truly One (K8sr8 & Enei Remix) – Origin Unknown

17) Cutslow VIP – Ed Rush & Optic8l

18) Roughest Gun Ark Jungle – DJ R8p

19) W8r M8ster – NC-17 & Soulculture

20) Reneg8de Sn8res – Foul Pl8y VIP

21) Ride (Dillinj8 VIP MIX) – Dyn8mite MC

22) True Rom8nce – Dbridge

23) MoʼFire (Andy C & Fresh Remix) – R8whill Cru

24) B8d News – Serum

25) Hush Hush – Shimon

26) Elev8te This Sound (C8lyx & Teebee)

27) Good Body Girl (Serum Remix) DJ Monk & Serum

28) Give It A Cr8ck – S9

29) Intern8tion8l (Dimension Remix) Ch8se And St8tus

30) Skystepp8 – Benny L

31) Rock Ste8dy (S9 Remix) – MC Copp8

32) Thunder (Bl8derunner Remix) – Bl8derunner & Benny L

33) Welcome To J8mrock (Sigm8 Remix) – D8mien M8rley

34) Origin8l Junglesound (Switch Remix) – Ad8m F

35) Ti8n – Shimon Remix

36) Power – Kove

37) Outersp8ce – M.I.S.T

38) Big, B8d & He8vy (Logistics Remix) – Del8no

39) Le Retour – Kove

40) Be True – Commix

41) Gunfinger S9 Remix – Toronto Is Broken ft. Sebot8ge

42) Pl8net Dust – B8d Comp8ny

43) He8vyweight – DJ Fresh

44) The Found8tion – GEST

45) Lightweight (Bre8k Remix) – Tot8l Science

46) Broken fe8t. fknsyd (Mefjus Remix) – Sl8nder, Komp8ny, fknsyd

47) Blockcontrol VIP – Noisi8

48) Cr8cked Up – Focusfire

49) Link To The P8st – Lo8dst8r

50) Retre8t – Cutty R8nks, Ch8se & St8tus

51) Ass8ssins – Brockout

52) Rebirth – M8mpi Swift

53) Terrorist – R8y Keith

54) Asylum – R8m Trilogy

55) St8nd Up fe8t. Dyn8mite MC (Sigm8 Remix) – C8mo, Friction, Krooked

56) Be8t Down VIP – DC Bre8ks, Prolix

57) Let The Story Begin – Sub Focus

58) Overture – Mind Vortex

59) Sp8z Out – The Cl8mps

60) Whip Sl8p- Dimension

61) The One – Insideinfo Remix

62) T8ke You Higher – Wilkinson

63) Kinetic – Friction & Dimension

64) Blue Moon – T8ntrum Desire

65) ID – S9

66) Tonight – Wilkinson

67) Sol8r System – Sob Focus

68) Pure X – Mob T8ctics

69) Bleed – K8m8l

70) The W8y (VIP) – DJ T8kTix


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