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RMS drops his ‘Streets On Lock’ EP on Delta9 Recordings


Paul Currie aka RMS was born and is currently residing in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. He was first introduced to jungle/dnb back in 1998. From that day on he spent his time practising and honing his skills on the turntables. It wasn’t until around 2010 when he started experimenting with the production side of things. Since then he has released on Formation Records, Serial Killaz, Dread Recordings, Deep In The Jungle and many more.

His forthcoming EP is loaded with four tracks that provide an understanding of the intricacies which RMS has built throughout his musical career.

Delta9 Recordings are an imprint who have capitalized on the shift from the more commercially viable types of drum & bass which were infiltrating airwaves and instead focusing on deep, dark and rolling records.

Our premiere ‘Take it Back’ moves you through a winding journey, continuously switching and rising you up through elevated peaks. It showcases the complexity of RMS’ engineering, as well as one of the primary aspects of his sound which has enabled his productions to fit so perfectly into the home of Delta9 Recordings.

Check it out below!

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