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Kutlo drops ‘No Data EP’



Hailing from Slovakia and at only 21 years old, Kutlo is set to take the scene by storm! Today we’re excited to bring you his forthcoming EP on the consistently brilliant Delta9Recordings.

A label born out of both Berlin and Bergamo in Italy, Delta9Recordings has been able to tap into a host of influences since they first began releasing music. Focusing primarily on the dark, minimalistic and techstep sounds, they’ve acquired a vast back catalogue to help platform these tastes.

Our Premiere for you today is ‘Reversed Reserve’. This track is more minimal in its approach compared to the rest of the EP, although as it breaks down the sense of urgency can’t be masked. Each bass stab and instrumental bleat builds on the next, before you’re once again taken in by Kutlo’s uncompromising production standard.

‘No Data EP’ is available from 26th October exclusively on Beatport, check out ‘Reversed Reserve’ below and grab your copy here: 

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