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Ripple and Eviya collab on ‘Summer Lights’


The sun is out. Lockdown is over. COVID-19 is gone. You’re standing next to all your friends. There’s a beer in your hand. You’re buzzing off the music. You’re buzzing off the vibe. Your friends are looking at you with huge smiles on their faces. The music starts to play while a lovely little breeze blows through your hair. And then, this track ‘Summer Lights’ comes on, and the world finally makes sense again. 

Summer Lights

Ripple present their ultimate summer weapon in the form of ‘Summer Lights’ which drops via their Ripple Music imprint. This is a beautiful concoction of lush and soothing vocals by the incredible Berlin born and bred Eviya, who previously featured on UKF with a collab with Millbrook. ‘Summer Lights’ is a tasty melodic synth stab fest guaranteed to make you close your eyes, raise your arms and just vibe away on the bass weight of a perfect dreamy summer banger. 

The long awaited and widely anticipated debut Ripple album edges closer and closer. With this latest single, it’s proving to be a monumental landmark in the career of Peter and Jiri, with many more singles set to drop soon. You won’t want to miss it!

Check out Ripple feat. Eviya ‘Summer Lights’ below. The track drops 16th April on Ripple Music, make sure you grab a copy using the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!