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Philth drops ‘Moments In Time Part 2’


Since releasing his 100th track back in 2017 Philth said he stopped counting, but the prolific artist has shown no sign of slowing down and continues to release music which reaches across the drum & bass scene. The amount of labels Philth has released on demonstrates his versatility when it comes to music production.

He has been cherry-picking his favourite tracks and hoarding a vast body of work, and now unleashes his ‘Moments In Time Part 2’ LP which reminds listeners of why his debut LP was such a sought-after release. It displays the full range of the Philth sound while exploring new depths of emotion and ambient soundtrack-inspired works. Some of the usual suspects are called in for collaborations and vocal features, but there is a deeply personal streak running through the album with soul-searching vocals alongside the powerful basslines. The album showcases an artist on top of his game and will surely elevate Philth into the upper reaches of the genre.

The album opens with ‘Let You Fall’, drawing for old-school breaks and emotive voice overtures. Meanwhile, Ella Sopp joins Philth once again for ‘Just a Memory’, with her luring vocals streaming through the mix. Daniela ‘D-Vox’ Rhodes is the next featuring artist alongside Philth for ‘Solar Cycle’, their drawn-out melodies and sublime vocals are underpinned by the tracks cinematic breakdowns and ambitious extended arrangement.

‘The Teacher’ pays homage to Philth’s darker waters, with aggressive distorted sub bass and rolling techstep drums. Interlude ‘The Storm’ nods to Philth’s vast musical background, whilst ‘Rivers’ allows you to become lulled by its searing strings. US duo Quadrant & Iris then join Philth for ‘Emerald’, a collaboration which mixes the light and darker elements which make all three producers so buy-on-sight.

Our premiere today ‘Damaged’ is more ruminating, with moodier undertones and Becca Jane Grey makes another appearance with Philth for the rollers mix of ‘Lost in a Moment’.

‘Claws’ shows a new production face from Philth, with his drum work acting as a centre piece. ‘The Light’ once again demonstrates his lighter side, like the ethereal tones of ‘Just a Drop in the Ocean’. Finally, Collette Warren steps up alongside Philth for the deeply reflective closing track ‘Stuck in a Loop’, the latest in a long line of collaborations between the pair.

Philth proves, with another huge delivery, that he’s able to take you through a range of emotions, something which his music has always endeavoured to do. ‘Moments in Time Part 2’ also highlights Philth’s enviable work ethic, something amplified once more by a production standard which is second to none.

Philth’s ‘Moments In Time Part 2’ LP is released on Dispatch Recordings on 7th February make sure you pre-order it here it’s out on Beatport as an EXCLUSIVE from today!


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