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MYKOOL releases on Nu Venture Records


MYKOOL began in 2012 when his flickering interest in music production rose into a burning passion that continues to spread.

Initially, before MYKOOL got into making his own music he was content with recreating soundtracks from his favourite games and TV shows. He then began listening to the heavier side of Drum & Bass, aspiring to artists like Mediks. He still has great influences from his favourite producer Metrik which can be heard throughout his music.

One of MYKOOL’s proudest moments was back in September 2017 where he had the chance to play at Hospitality In The Park in the Cuckoo’s Nest where he battled another DJ for 1st place – the ultimate test of his mixing skills.

After a succession of impressive releases, free downloads and remixes, MYKOOL presents his debut Nu Venture Records release ‘Feel Alive’ // ‘Makes Me Wonder’. We premiere ‘Feel Alive’ which begins with a dreamy intro, laden with alluring atmospheric pads, setting the tone for this uplifting dance floor Drum & Bass track. The emotional and catchy vocals combined with a ‘Heartbeat’ sample, further enhance the sound and really help bring the track to life and create an audible state of ecstasy. The intensity increases as the track exudes feel good euphoric vibes before the epic festival inspired drop. This is a high tempo, energy driven DnB track and is sure to be slaying the dance floors and festivals near you this summer.

Check out MYKOOL ‘Feel Alive’ below!


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