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Tyree Cooper releases ‘I Want It Now’ via Music For Freaks


Tyree Cooper was at the forefront of the house music revolution. Coming up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side, releasing his first record in 1986, it’s safe to say his contribution to the scene helped to widen the appeal of house music globally.

Our premiere today, ‘I Want It Now’ is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Tyree’s musical roots, a ballad and tribute to the humble beginnings of house music, Chicago house music, where it all began.

This record, which lands on Music For Freaks stands boldly in the dance; Showing love to all the movements, whilst proudly declaring that Chicago, house music’s beating heart, can still turn out the hippest cuts in the scene.

Three variations on this “raw & un-cut” jam to choose from. Our premiere the ‘Acid’ remix features a classic 303 acid bass, a funky bass flip and a deep mix with pitched down vocals for late night affairs.

You can grab a copy here!

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