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Multiplex & KNARS link up on ‘Dystopia’ on Many Minds of Multi


Multiplex’s Many Minds of Multi imprint returns with ‘Dystopia’ a thumping addition from the label frontman and fellow countryman KNARS.

Following a duo of impressive previous outings, Multiplex’s Many Minds of Multi returns this April with another hard-hitting serving of hair-raising Drum & Bass ferociousness. Returning for another run, fellow countryman KNARS joins Multiplex.

‘Dystopia’ comes in hard and fast with a gripping ebb and flow of hooking vocals and fattened frequencies that hit you head-on as it dips and dives through a sequence of marauding atmospheric breaks and vigorous Neurofunk drops that will have you barely hanging onto your socks. 

A dark yet pleasantly gripping dancefloor weapon, ‘Dystopia’ is the much-expected outcome of a collaboration between two of Drum & Bass’ most innovative and head-turning talents. We can’t wait for this one to rip up clubs and festivals worldwide!

Check out our premiere of ‘Dystopia’ below. The track drops everywhere tomorrow, Friday 14th April. Make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!

Dystopia cover

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