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Mikal remixes RIOT ‘The Swarm’ on Counterpoint


We are happy to bring you the latest Counterpoint Recordings release, which sees the return of legendary beat crafter Mikal to the label. Having recently released his new album, the Bristol-based artist comes back to the catalogue for his trademark percussion twist on their bassline groove. 

Mikal has certainly carved his name as a reference both among the amazing pool of creativity which is Bristol’s Drum & Bass culture, but also worldwide. He now carries two Metalheadz albums under his belt. It is his dub/dancehall influences and his distinct drum work which have turned his sound into a staple for creativity and authenticity. He now returns to Counterpoint Recordings for a 2-track single which is a perfect fusion of artist and label aesthetics. 

His close relationship with Portuguese seminal artist – RIOT (former part of legendary Kizomba/Afrobeat super group – Buraka Som Sistema), has resulted in many collabs over the years. For the B side of this release, Mikal delivers our premiere, a stunning remix of ‘The Swarm’, taken from the RIOT’s ‘Speedball EP’ (released 2019 on Counterpoint). 

Check out Mikal’s remix of RIOT ‘The Swarm’ below. Beware, this is not for the faint-hearted! It’s an absolute face melter, as you might expect. Dropping via Counterpoint on 14th December you can grab it from here


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